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What Is Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness (myopia) is a imaginative and prescient drawback that makes it arduous to see distant objects clearly.

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Nearsightedness?

Kids with nearsightedness might:
have blurred imaginative and prescient when issues that aren’t near them
maintain books, toys, or different objects nearer to their face than regular
squint their eyes or blink lots
have hassle studying phrases on a chalkboard at college

What Causes Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness occurs when gentle that enters the attention focuses in entrance of the retina as an alternative of instantly on it. This creates blurry imaginative and prescient within the distance.
It occurs extra usually in school-age children, particularly preteens and youths. Nearsightedness can run in households.

How Is Nearsightedness Diagnosed?

An eye physician can inform in case your little one is nearsighted. They will do a routine examination that normally contains:
asking about signs
taking a household medical historical past
utilizing dilating eye drops to completely open the pupils
inspecting the eyes

How Is Nearsightedness Treated?

The eye physician will prescribe glasses or contact lenses to assist your little one see clearly.

How Can Parents Help?

To assist handle your little one’s eyes:
Get eyeglasses (or contact lenses if beneficial). Let your little one assist select the frames. Plastic frames and polycarbonate lenses are finest for younger children.
Help with contact lenses. If your little one is sufficiently old and the attention physician thinks contacts are a sensible choice, assist your little one observe all directions on sporting and cleansing them.
Go to follow-up visits with the attention physician.
Talk together with your physician about myopia management. New remedy choices might help gradual the development of myopia in youngsters.
Call the physician in case your little one has new signs, together with:
complications or eye ache
blurry imaginative and prescient when sporting glasses or contacts
seeing flashing lights or floating spots
any lack of imaginative and prescient

If your little one wears contacts, name the physician for signs similar to:
eye ache or redness
excessive sensitivity to gentle
itchy or dry eyes that don’t get higher with eye drops

Date reviewed: November 2020

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